How to Register?

1. Register online

Sign in and follow the instructions in order to open your personal account. The account registration (online) is free and gives you access to more detailed informations.

2. Activate your account

Check your e-mail account, and click on the activation link contained in the mail you receive in order to activate your account.

3. Account activation

After a manual check of your identity your account will be activated. At the moment of the activation you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.
This activation will take less than 8 hours.

How to send Money

1. Sign in

If you are a registered client, you can directly log in to the sign-in area to access your account.

Sign In

2. Define the transfer amount

Use our on-line calculator to find out the exact transaction price. All the fees are included in the calculation. There are no additional fees involved in receiving the remittances.


3. Select the beneficiary

Choose or add a beneficiary. It is important to insert the exact name and address of the beneficiary.

Select the beneficiary

4. Carry out payment

The payment can be carried out online. We do offer you many different payment methods, depending on the country.
Credit cards, debit cards, bank transfer ...