The process to get a Debit Card ?

1. Creation of the debit card

After a successful transaction we do emit automatically a debit card for the beneficiary in Cuba. The AIS debit card will directly be sent to the according province of your beneficiary.
Our system will automatically detect if the beneficiary is already in possession of the AIS Card.

2. Where to get the Debit Card

Send the exact address and phone number of the according pickup place to your beneficiary.

After you did execute your first transaction we do emit automatically the debit card for the beneficiary. (Free of costs)

Pick up places

3. Time-frame to pickup the debit card

After the transaction has been confirmed, it takes:
  • 5 days in havanna
  • up to 15 days in the other provinces

the card to be available in the according office.

4. All further transactions

All further transactions to the same beneficiary will automatically be credited on the exisiting Card according to the sending mode selected when you make the order (Express or Standard).

How to use the Debit Card in Cuba

1. How to withdraw cash

This debit card can be used to withdraw cash in any bank or foreign exchange houses.

The out-payment will be made in CUC it won't be possible to withdraw money in another currency.

2. The card can also be used for payments

This card is also accepted for payments of goods and services in commercial places such as:
  • stores
  • restaurants, hotels
  • gas stations
This card is accepted on the whole island, on the whole Cuban banking system.

3. Costs of the debit card

This card can be used without any costs.
  • No comissions on cash withdrawal
  • No commissions on purchasing goods or services.
This card is free of additional costs.