NEW ! Express or Standard

Payment assured in maximum 2 working days (48 hours) in Cuba

Payment assured in 5 working days in Cuba

  • To change the transaction to standard please click on the Express button, and check that the fees for the transaction are reduced.

Calculate the effective costs

Use this calculator to find out the exact price of your transaction. This is the real price for the specific amount you typed in - NO other costs than those shown on the calculator will be applied.

No cost for the receiver

The 20% tax usually imposed on the USD in Cuba won't be applied. The exact amount shown on the calculator can be withdrawn by the receiver.

How it works?

Your account will be activated 8 hours after fulfillment of the necessary steps. No additional fees will be charged to open your account.

How it works


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Additional Information

The effective CUC amount can be withdrawn in Cuba; there are no additional costs or fees for the receiver.

All transactions are billed in EURO. If your account is in another currency your bank will apply an exchange rate.

The exchange rate you see on the calculator is an in-house exchange rate on the Euro / CUC exchange in order to cover the exchange risk in Cuba. This exchange rate is updated on a daily basis.